Introducing LaFrance Wellness Classes

We are pleased to announce the following classes:


Hip Mobility-

Restricted hip mobility causes issues like lower back pain, knee problems, and more.

Your hips are the workhorses of your body. So it’s no wonder tightness means trouble.

But the opposite is also true. The healthier and less restricted your hips become, the more potential your body has for strength and power.

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Foam Roller Class

Our foam roller exercise class has been specifically designed to improve flexibility, reduce muscular stiffness, speed up recovery, alleviate pain and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. … Foam rolling or myofascial release is used to self-release the ‘knots’ in your muscles restoring optimal function.

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LaFrance Wellness is sponsoring a concealed weapon class. It’s about safety!


This Conceal Carry Class is designed for new shooters to advanced shooters. This is the class you need in order to obtain a Conceal Carry Permit. Some people take the class because they want to be familiar with the laws regarding lethal force, when you can shoot and when you can’t.  NC is an open carry state and we go over those laws also.

The class emphasizes Safety. Safety. Safety.

John Chattin, Retired Military, NRA Instructor, and NC DOJ Concealed Carry Instructor will teach this important safety class.

Cost $60.00

Call 432.2008 to reserve a seat

(February 24,2018) 9am-6pm

Bring your handgun, 40 rounds of ammo, no cowboy action guns, which are single action revolvers. Bring lunch, and the class will happen regardless of weather. The shooting portion will occur weather permitting and may be rescheduled if it rains.

If you don’t have a gun, I will loan you one, you would just simply pay for the ammunition.