Who I am

Anne Marie Lafrance-Watts, LMBT 04023

Anne LaFrance is the owner and founder of LaFrance Wellness. LaFrance Wellness has been established specifically in its uniqueness as a facility in the area focusing on Pain Management.Pain Management modalities used, but not limited to, are Orthopedic Assessment,Ergonomic Assessments, Movement Therapy, Personal Movement Training, Orthopedic Yoga Therapy,Active Isolated Stretching Therapy, Total Motion Release Therapy, Myofascial Release, Therapy,Structural Thai Therapy, Structual Ashiatsu Therapy, Structural Integrative Therapy Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapy.
Anne has certifications and multiple hours of continuous education in all these area and more. Anne has developed programs thru LaFrance Wellness like Corporate Wellness Education, WorkPlace Ergonomics,Furniture Factory Safety and Ergonomics /Wellness, Total Quality Management, Workers Compensation Prevention. For fun Anne works with Facial Massage,Facial Reflexology,Foot Reflexology, and Body Treatments for specific issues and has in house Med Spa for clients.

Anne graduated top in her class in 2003 from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Therapy and was instructed by the founder of Southeastern and NC School of Advanced Bodywork in Charlotte and Asheville NC. Anne continued after graduation from Southeastern to training in Beijing China at The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Orthopedics and Traumolgy in 2004. Anne continued further in Costa Rica in the Advanced Training in Structural Alignment,Neuromuscular,and Myoskeletal Alignment Training with David Kent and Erik Dalton.

In the past 15 plus years, Anne has focused where the massage industry has been slow to develop. Massage Therapy, Pain Management and Movement Therapy as well as Whole Body Health has always been the main concern for our LaFrance Wellness Clients.
Anne has built an amazing relationship and recommendations from Orthopedist at Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, local Orthopedist, Local Pain Clinics, Workers Compensation Companies, Physical Therapist, MD’S, DO’S, and Surgeons.
Anne’s relationship with her clientele has also been amazing serving clients from across the United States and International.

Anne continues to contribute to the industry with Teaching classes for her clients in Health and Wellness, Ergonomics, Massage classes, Rock Tape Therapy, Orthopedic Yoga tips, Personal Therapy tips as well as currently working on her book for Customer Service.
Anne has continued to stay ahead of the curve in Pain Management and Customer Service for her clients, just recently, she became certified in Telehealth Medicine and Movement Therapy.  Since March 2020 when the world was hit with the COVID-19, this certification as well as the Movement Therapy has been accepted by some of the Workers Compensation Companies as a legitimate form of therapy for home bound patients.

Anne’s type of Therapy and Facility is for Patients that want to take control of their issues and become an active part of their care as well as becoming independent and positive moving forward.