Madison is an amazing esthetician! She is professional, knowledgeable, and skilled. I would highly recommend her for any skin care needs.

A Waycaster

Amazing body work experience with Darrell Watson, focused and through, intense and productive. He worked on my right hip and leg to relieve sciatic nerve issues complete with explanations and expected affects.


Thank you! I’ll be back!

J Mingus

“Anne Marie gave me relief from the pain in my shoulder that I’ve felt for over a year!  She combined stretching and other techniques that other therapists have never used.”

-Pete M.

LaFrance Wellness is a really good place.  It’s been helping me with a lot of things-weight loss, stress, pain management, and stopping smoking.

The first time I talked to Anne, she knew I had COPD.  I thought “How does she even know what’s wrong with me?  But she knew and she said she could help.  I thought, “Why, what’s the catch?  Then I decided, “Well, if she is willing to help me maybe I can do it.”

I quit smoking with their help as well.  Before, the most I’ve ever quit is a month.  Now it’s been three months without me smoking.  The fact that people care enough to talk to me and help me and they are not doing it for the money means a lot!

I used to think that counseling was a joke.  Now, I think, if you take it seriously, it can help.  The suggestions they gave helps me to listen and think.

The counseling helps me to handle things differently.

Coming to LaFrance Wellness has given me hope.  It is a very strange feeling to have people care about you.

-Russell F.

Before I started receiving massages from Anne Marie, getting out of bed in the morning had become a difficult task.  Every bone in my body ached (very similar to the flu) and I felt very stiff.  Not only did I have to endure the pain, but my body was retaining large amounts of fluid.  The fluid got so bad at one point, that I had difficulty breathing.  When I first met Anne, she was kind and understanding.  She explained the benefits of massage and said the four words that gave me hope, “I can help you.”  Since that time, Anne has been absolutely amazing.  Her knowledge and expertise in the area of Therapeutic Massage has made it possible for me to get out of bed in the morning without being in pain. The fluid has decreased considerably and my energy level has started to increase once again.  Thanks Anne for making each day more bearable.  You have truly been a blessing.”

-Melissa L.

I have only recently received services from LaFrance, but I can say that I have already seen the benefits.  I went for my first visit due to neck pain.  I should explain that I have had chronic lower back and neck pain for about two years, but this day was worse than normal.  My plan was to have a quick chair massage and go back to work with a bit less pain.  However, I was so impressed with Anne Marie that I ended up getting the full treatment.  I was in a hurry to complete the initial form (I hate paperwork) so I did not go into the full details of my pain; however, Anne Marie evaluated me while I was standing there talking to her.  She told me about aches and pains I was experiencing without even looking or touching my body.  I was amazed at the accurateness of her diagnosis.  She even knew that I had bladder issues.

I have now received two treatments and am virtually pain free with just a slight stiffness in my neck and shoulders when I am on the computer too long.  In addition, the flushing techniques have been to remove the fluid from my system and my clothes are fitting much looser.

I have recommended and would recommend the LaFrance Center to anyone with muscle related pain.


I just wanted to thank you…….for making me feel better,the interest you show me, the care you show me, and most of all the love you feel, the minute you walk in that door….you all are great………………I feel wonderful now, and I can walk without wanting to cry…thanks to you…. Both of you are so good at what you do….I am spreading your names all over this town….thanks again…………HAVE A GREAT DAY………………………..

R Duckworth

Once again your advice is spot on. Massage, yoga, and now the socks. The socks have made such a difference already.

Thanks for continuing to change my life for the better.

C Conley,